Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mood Shift Vol 2

Here is the second session continuing with the
sultry seductive house vibe to compliment an
evening of chilling and drifting off into bliss
relaxation. I wanted to blend more elements
into this one, so you will notice more
instrumentation and varying vocals to dubs.
1. Passion Dance Orchestra - Words ( Beyond Ozone)
2. Deep Sensuous Ensemble - Sounds For Your Soul
( Tuomas Salmela Phonogenic Dub )
3. Monodeluxe - Temple Of Love ( Jazz Remix )
4. Brazilian Soul Crew - Deepin
5. Liquideep - Deep Part 1
( Bossruu Sixth Sense Mix )
6. Marcella - Octodeep
7. Racoon feat Rose Max - Universal Vibes
( Live Element Guitar Mix )
8. Reelsoul feat Kyla - For the Love Of You
( Phil Asher remix )
9. Abicah Soul Project - Last Night
10. Roy Davis Jr - Remember The Day


  1. DJ Nimbus is a must have to our business partnerships. We use talents for our events knowing that his style has transformed the way our guest enjoy listening pleasures. Thank you so much for taking your craft to the next level. Prop Rock appreciates your unique style and the level of integrity you deliver!

  2. Your Mixing from one song to the next is" AWSOME"!!!!!
    You make music VERY Enjoyable!