Monday, February 23, 2009

Block 21 - Feb 18 2009 Pt2 - Deep House

This is the second hour of H2.O mixshow @ Block 21 on Feb 18th. This set has some dope deep & soulful house trax.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Block 21 - Feb 18 2009 - Pt 1 Hip Hop

This is the first hour of the final H2.0 mixshow at Block 21. Mainly underground hip hop with some suprises here and there. Definately peep the lyrical content,...very nice.

Sept-Skies aka DREAMLAND CD

A live mix of deep / soulful house - Sept 2008. This mix set was created for The International Soul Music Summit - 08 promo disc for dj NIMBUS.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Block 21 Live - Jan 21 2009 Pt1

This is the first hour & 20 min's. This set is downtempo, chill-out, lounge, underground hip hop, and a little bit of darker neo soul / nu jazz. Recorded live @ Block 21 on Wed H2.0 mixshow. Located @ 2420 Washington Ave.

The First Official Post - Where To Get Good Music

Ok, most here already know Houston is one of the largest cities in the United States. However, it is not one of the most musically diverse cities. In my 8 years of living here, I have found some interesting and nice places to enjoy some dope music, and do so in nice environments. A few of these places would include the following :

1. Zimm's Martini Bar - Thurs - Sat ( ** Sun's soon to come )

2. The Flat - Mon / Tues / Fri / Sat.

3. Soma - Thurs

4. The Tree House @ The Grove - Thurs

5. Davenport Lounge

6. Bar Rio ( on special occasion )

7. Hotel Za Za - Fri / Sat

8. La Strada - Sun ( also can host events during the week )

9. Onion Creek - Tues

I will continually update my discoveries on the page, and I am sure I will bring to recollection some other venues in which I have had the priveledge to listen to other dope dj's on the scene keeping it alive, or have played at myself.