Thursday, September 23, 2010

Melody of The Crescent Moon

This is a bittersweet mix of songs of hope and
songs that suggest some degree of pain has been
endured. I think this mix is a reflective arrangement
of deep and jazzy tracks. It's relaxing and calming.
1. Gamat3000 - Cosmic Strut
2. Mr. A.L.I. - Midnight Interlude
3. Mato Grosso - Copyright
4. John Johnson - Funkular Crouton
5. Tito Puente - Ran Kan Kan
6. DJ Wady - Mozambu ( Johnny Fiasco Mix )
7. Ame Strong - Teut Est Bleu ( 16B Full Vocal Mix )
8. Neoletrique - African Blues
9. The Goodson - City Bar Reopen Live Dancing
10. Black Coffee feat. Bucie - Superman


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    2. Nice! Great mix Nimbus...and Thanks for including Funkular Crouton. Feels great to know someone else likes it enough to use it in s mix. Thank you. -John Johnson

  2. If I buy something ( which I did ), it's a) great music, and b) bought with the intent to use live or in a mix ( which are live too ). Good work on the track, Cheers

    - dj NIMBUS -

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